Gesture Dial

4.7 ( 8997 ratings )
Vývojář: Smallrock Software, Inc.

Create your own gestures and use them to contact friends. Swipe straight down to call Jo. Make a curve to text Mary.
Draw any gesture you want and assign it to call, text, or email any of your contacts.

Look through the screenshots for sample gestures. But remember, you are only limited by your imagination.

Now with sound effects! No look dialing is now even easier with optional confirmation and failure sound effects.

iPod Touch Users: dialing and text messaging is not available for the iPod Touch unless supported by a third party application.

- Fast load time. No long lists or pictures to wait for before you can dial.
- Make your own gestures. As many as you want for all your contacts.
- Assign a gesture to call, text message, or email a friend (or prompt you each time).
- Make multiple gestures for each contact. One for calling, one for text messaging, and so on.
- Use on iPod for quick emailing and visiting friends web pages.
- Configurable delay to allow canceling of mistaken dial.
- Optional sound effects indicate success or failure when dialing.